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In the world full of trends, we remain classic – we care about every individual and respect people and organization just the way they are, without intention to force change. Change happens when they decide and when they are ready.


Identity Compass , discover your strongest assets 

Dissatisfaction is the stimulate for improving.

It is alright to think that your current position is not good enough for you. Desire to do more, reach your capacity, contribute to the world more or be more successful is good characteristic. And stepping out with dissatisfaction makes you authentic and brave. 

But dissatisfaction itself cannot make better results. Using your assets (intelligence, hardworking, talent) the best possible way can lead you to finally saying “I did it!” or “we made it!”. 

Identity Compass is an innovative personnel tool that can help you determine what are your strongest assets and what are you capable of. Wheater you are an individual or an organization, it helps you recognize your own thinking preferences, habits, motivational and de-motivational factors and gives you the power to create your own wonderful world.



This vocation is where science art and craft meet. Human potential is often buried deep and we have to put our inquisitive mind, heart and soul into tamed, unspoiled, forgotten places, nourish them and help them grow. It’s everything we love and enjoy to do.


We are Learning and Development Consultants, the right hand of individuals, teams and organizations providing them with professional support and assistance.


Open and in-house training, Identity Compass and individual consulting or development projects – we’re working by the world’s best educational programs and certifications in order to deliver the best learning content and experience for our learners. Because that is something we would pick for ourselves too. 


We are using the Inside-Outside Approach starting with the most inside part of the self. By improving and working on yourself, you will improve the quality of your work, relationships and the whole organization. Private victories precede public victories.


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About me

Vesna Djurdjevic is one of the few worldwide Identity Compass Consultants, holding license from Identity Compass International GmbH in Switzerland. She truly believes that education is the best investment and treasure no one can take from you. That’s why she learned from the best mentors in the world and now is trying to transfer that knowledge to all individuals, teams and organizations ready for change and step towards improvement.

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