Journeys. Journey to work, to the theatre, to do your shopping, to visit the parents or to pick up the kids from school. We are on a journey every day. We see the same old sights each time, hear the same old voices and let our brain cruise on automatic which gives us the “same old” feeling.
While having the same thoughts and doing the”same old” things, we are failing to derive any pleasure from the actual journey, because we just do not expect anything new from the “same old” way of thinking. We want these chores to be over quickly, without ever asking ourselves: is there another Journey to take on the same route?
If that’s the case, it may be time to take one more journey. A Learning and Development Journey. Perhaps, you are already on that journey, but you are not aware of it. Luckily it’s not a question of either getting to the destination or enjoying the journey, you can experience both! Many travelers would rather reach their destination without the challenges and choirs of the trip -the lines at the airport, the flight, walking, the traffic, noise. Yet, these challenges might enable you to have unusual experiences, to encounter and interact with different people, to observe and explore new places, get new insights. Many travelers are great learners and many learners are great travelers. If you come back from your journey the same, you haven’t traveled. If you’re trying to avoid the trials of the trip you’re trying to avoid the journey.
As a world traveler, you might choose to take a walk on the Great Wall of China, drive on the famous US Route 66, or other less known roads. While some of these adventures require you to be in peak condition, on others you can relax in luxury, like South Africa’s famous Blue Train with 5-star accommodation and haute cuisine. There are everyday journeys you can take, such as visiting the local market where you can reveal sweet and sour truths about your local area. You can also get to know your city from a nocturnal perspective.
You might have 30 minutes to take that journey, one night, one month, or a whole year. Or maybe travelling is your lifestyle, so you are constantly away. You might decide for classic or luxurious trip, trekking or flying, exploring the wilderness or just the local neighborhood. Whatever your choice might be, make sure to follow your own compass and to create moments that enable self-discovery.
Just like world travelers, you need to choose the time of year, the place you want to visit, people you want to meet. You see, learners choose their journey too. If you are wise enough you are thinking (and doing) all of this. Traveling and learning, learning and traveling to become a learner and traveler, traveler and learner.
Before you embark on a Learning and Development Journey, there are few things you should know about Learning and Development.
First, it is your personal responsibility to take this journey. The final formation of your character and identity depends on you (isn’t that great?!). You are the decision-maker.
Second, You don’t have to wait a single moment to get started. The best moment is now, start now, start small, but do start. Your current situation shouldn’t stop you from dreaming big, aiming far and getting there. This first step, actually, taking this first step is what will separate you from the rest. Even though, the time and place may not be the best for you to start, know that you don’t need ideal circumstances.
Third, know where you are going. Name your Learning Journey. For some of you, it may be a Leadership Learning Journey or Entrepreneurial Learning Journey. What do you want to learn and what will that knowledge help you accomplish exactly? Clear goals are the best motivation you will ever have and they will sharpen your focus.
Fourth, equip yourself with everything you need. Get your own compass and map, don’t forget you are going on a journey.
Fifth, make time for thinking and reflecting. Take notes and photos. Take to time to really experience the journey and ask yourself: What else can I do to make it even better? What other steps to take? Remind yourself of your final destination. You embarked on a Learning Journey to get there.
Every Learning and Development Journey is a remarkable one. Know that on your journey, there will be adversities, sunny and rainy days, noisiness and loneliness, plains and mountains, happiness and sadness. Every waiting line, missed opportunities, mistakes, every success to celebrate, sunset to enjoy, every place to marvel over are part of the journey you take. Make time for self-reflection and exploration. Choose the one that speaks for your soul. Learn and Develop, astound with Growth!
Have a Great Learning and Development Journey! If you want us to help, just contact us.
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