Who’s behind Soulful Growth?

M. Sc. Vesna Djurdjevic was born in Vienna, Austria in 1987. She holds both a Bachelor and Master degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, from the University of Belgrade (Republic of Serbia).
She wrote her master’s thesis on “The Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Performance Measurement and Knowledge Management in Multinationals”, in which she carefully analyzed changes in business environment trying to answer questions such as how to measure knowledge when most employees don’t give their best at the workplace, and how effective a Balanced Scorecard is in today’s economy.

Her research also focused on the promises and shortcomings of knowledge management and on ways to spot talent in today’s business climate where the best workplace performers tend to “evade the spotlight”After finishing her research, she concluded that talent management, learning and development (both on individual, team, and corporate levels) are must-have attributes for serious businesses.She’s one of the globally acknowledged Identity Compass Consultants, holding her license from Identity Compass International GmbH, Switzerland since December 2017.



Ever since she started her professional journey, Djurdjevic had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches, professionals, institutes, and businesses in the industry. She’s also received several prominent and prestigious certifications.

To name a few:

    • Total Business Mastery certified by Brian Tracy International (April 2016)
    • NLP Business Practitioner (certified by IANLP March -October 2016)
    • Professional Coaching at Coaching Academy Belgrade (certified by ECA May 2016-June 2016)
    • Identity Compass Consultant Certification (October -December 2017)
    • Coaching for Leadership (May 2017, certified by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith Inc.)
    • Maximum Achievement (May 2017, certified by Brian Tracy International)
    • Building Trust, certified by Ken Blanchard International Serbia, May 2018
    • First Time Manager, certified by Ken Blanchard International Serbia, Jun 2018
    • Accessing Personal Genius (APG), Coaching Genius and/or Self-Leadership certified by Neuro-Semantics, International Society of Neuro-Semantics, May 2019

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